Below is a small selection of customer and own projects.

  • ArtCologne Katalog
    Digital application process and catalog website. Technologies: Yii
  • BioBau-Portal
    Information platform on the subject of biological building with customer portal.
    Technologies: Drupal
  • halloDeutsch
    Android and iOS language learning apps for German and English. Technologies: Java, Swift
    Website and web application for sending letters online. Technologies: Yii, Neos
  • LexCom, LexCom Industries
    Company websites.
    Technologien: Neos
  • OpenVisu
    Building management platform with SCADA system.
    Technologies: Flutter, Yii, OPC-UA, Python
  • SLPM Schweizer Leben PensionsManagement
    Company website with customer and employee portal.
    Technologies: Neos

We also participate actively in the open source community.

  • Flutter
    A frontend framework for cross-platform apps.
  • fl_chart
    Chart library for flutter.
  • OpenVisu
    Building management platform with SCADA system.
  • ownCloud
    Collaboration software for data sovereignty.
  • Scribe
    Documentation tool for APIs.